Thursday, March 25, 2010

Gauvreau show

:) :O =-> ;} 8-D :) :I] =P :+S ={D


So much time has gone by since I sat down and wrote something for me. The Spring Equinox has passed, The Third Issue launched and Baby Sis came to town. There was a could-be-SERIOUS accident and sev-eral triumphs. I continue to be inspired by those who surround me with guidance and rich benevolence that I can't imagine the world any different than the one I occupy. Thesis surprises me, a commission gives me pocket change and the weather whether wether whatever.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

No day but today

Been marching to school everyday since March 1, YESTERDAY IT WAS 12 DEGREES! Dope meetings, free lunch, commission central! First day I marched home too. 10k in a tshirt and it felt bloody amazing. I LOVE EVERYTHING BOP BOP BOP!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Strange lights in the sky west queen west n parkdale time. Started this morning just a spot in the sky on my walk past lindsey to school at nine. The thoughts of airplanes burning gas hot cold dry adam sees this sight develop from mine.

The walk to work was good for me with the spring sunshine air horizon I thought of think tank and thesis and theft. The waste of wealth and the world and we.the.people.

(((Lewis Nicholson: Wealth is wasted on the wealthy.)))

(((Jordan Charles Bowden: Life is wasted on the living.)))

I thought about my rights, the things any other person who lives around me is entitled to, and how it can pay off. There are many luxurious benefits to succeeding within the system. Why would I waste that opportunity? Why would I deprive myself the benefit of such luxuries when I know for a fact that they will not exist in the future? Its the leading excuse to a succeeding generation that refuses to be known as Men and Women but wishes to remain as children. The last real grownups defeated the nazis only to become nazis themselves and now they're all dead so we continue to live as they do until the next big boom.

What the fuck do I care its Wednesday!!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

In like a Lion

D-RAW comes down!!!!



March starts with the lion and the lamb snowice with sunshine meltingrivers at trinity 99JUMP!66 Monday March 1, the notice maybe goodbye parkdale either way hello housemates set a course bross and the peachka ((engage)) Meetings today yamahama mamma music march student issues 12 POINT?! THIS IS SUCH A DISASTER! No, I will not do it. Cool it, then the enterprise came down and my credit is spared 200 big ones. DIVADIVADIVADIVADIVA. This patriots golden with and without vancouver but loved it riiiiiight? CA-NA-DA say it again now!