Thursday, July 15, 2010


Fatty (Matthew David Joseph) Ross is making his annual pilgrimage to the big dirty and his baby brother Ben is also turning 25. This is the Rossolution.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Traffic from road to water

Across the half torn down Jameson Ave bridge over the Gardiner down into the water, Home time on the Parkdale lakeshore in the heat of mid-July.

July 14 you're only a dream. July 14, how can this be?! Stop it hold it take a photo of it, just please go with it. Beauty in all seasons but summer is tops YOU KNOW IT!!! Not one thing is better than the heat and the height of a great summer, I be home in this weather. Like a small lizard perched on a rock in direct-desert-sun. It. enriches. me.

Wipper-will Wipper-will

Cabin building in Bobcaygeon ROUND II
Floor two walls up, roof beam engaged
FF to Roof, shingles, windows and doors.
Thanks Adam, Derek, Denis and Judy!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Slammed on the balcon. Mix mingle bump and grind.
"Is smoking making a come back!?"

HAPPY ONE YEAR BEAUTIES: Sham and Craig met at my last party last summer.

DJ Devin RAW oh soo good
invited Yvonn-a-tron up to the booth.

DJ The Sham wraps up the night ****BRAAAP!!!

Thanks to all who came to the housewarming, it was such an amazing party and the first of many many more to come!