Thursday, June 16, 2011

his mustache forms like long insect antennae.

I had lunch with Adam, after we cut through a mega grocery store. It felt like it was midnight. I stopped to buy laminated fruit pieces on sale, they were preserved for the astronauts. On the way out I looked at BBQ flavored gum.

Exiting at Yonge and Bloor heading south in a night time blizzard, Adam crosses at Charles Street to go home without a word. I yell at him, other people notice and I feel embarrassed. He crosses back, I kneel in the snow by a hydrant.

I'm angry and want to punch him, but instead aggressively rip off his hood and scarf. His beard is encrusted with snow, his mustache forms like long insect antennae.

He says "We don't love eachother anymore" with an evil grimace. I'm crying and angry, turn to run away. Making a scene, I fall in the snowy sidewalk. I wake up.

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