Monday, June 20, 2011

Ocean Death

An international panel has released 'shocking' information about the decline of life in our oceans. Although if you have half a brain and understand the industrial world, it really isn't all that surprising. Many of the global changes that have occurred in recent history are leading to mass extinctions within the planets biggest bread basket. The report covered in the BBC's online story lists the issues at fault noting how all are acting 'synergistically to increase threats to marine life.'

"Life on Earth has gone through five "mass extinction events" caused by events such as asteroid impacts; and it is often said that humanity's combined impact is causing a sixth such event."

The report with immediate recommendations to alleviate the path towards extinction will be presented to the UN this week.

Poor Sebastian, the report finds bottom feeders are eating pollutants stuck to plastic particles that litter the sea floor.

cc: bbc news

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