Thursday, August 4, 2011

Beyonce and I shrink

In the balcony of the KVHS theatre, waiting to watch the opening night performance of Footloose, I saw Chelsea and her mother and they were really happy to see me. The theatre was well lit, obviously renovated, asymmetrical, and high tech. In the other balcony sat the background singers, each sitting at a table with a microphone ready to go.

I floated down the aisle after saying goodbye to Chelsea and Roni, and ended up backstage. Beyonce was there. She exited the backstage doors and walked down the street, with me not far behind.

I followed her to a high-rise building on the Saint John harbour, when she turned to me and started talking. She was jaded, but I told her I was gay, that we were the same age, and that I had been a huge fan since the beginning of her career. She smiled and we became friends. Inviting me up to her hotel room, we entered the elevator where I saw my reflection in the mirror and noticed my hair was going grey.

Her room was a mess. I looked around, saw the ocean out the window, and she offered me a coffee as she made herself a bowl of cereal. As we stood together at the table, I noticed that we both had started to shrink in height.

Then the door opened and a wave of people came in. I recognized Beyonce's mother, she was with James Cromwell in a low-cut tank-top, and several maids.

James said aggressively "Who is that?" referring to me, and Beyonce assured him that I was a friend. One of the cleaning ladies came over, Beyonce and I were getting shorter.

This cleaning lady had a hose, and started spraying the wall with a thick blue cleaner. It splashed onto me, leaving blue specks on my skin, Beyonce turned me away format, trying to shield me from the goo and I woke up.

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