Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dreams from November 2nd

At the Grace afterparty, Katherine wanted to smoke a joint in the middle of the room. She started, but we were bugging people, so moved outside on the steps in the early morning sun. 

Later, Paula arrived after drinking 4 beers in between the reception and the party. Said she always did that and was now craving dessert. But there was none. 

Biking home from Parkdale with Paula, following who I thought was Oprah in the afternoon sun, we stopped infront of CAMH. When I realise it wasn't Oprah but didn't tell Paula right away, she questioned my trust. 

When we took a turn onto Bathurst in the evening, a little girl cyclist following us was struck by a car. Did we stop or keep going?


Yvonne was wearing high heels that made her stand ten feet tall. She looked super-human, and when we walked while smoking cigarettes, she needed to lean on me to support her balance. We walked down the hill, passed star struck onlookers to the Parkdale underpass. There she started doing chin-ups. 


I saw Mark Munro, and we were seated on a couch. It didn't look like him, but I knew it was the man I've known for years. As the conversation progressed I became very sad about not seeing him and home more often.   

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