Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I was home in my pocket

After a year away, my sister and I packed up her car bunny to set sail for home. We pulled out at midnight, picked up Brenna and headed east out of night time Toronto. 15 hours later, we arrived. Mild and sunny, just in time for supper. 

And so the family love fest ensued. Eat, nap, eat again. Kitty, dog, fireplace. Snow for a powerless Christmas morning (a pioneer Christmas). Turkey, Ham, Salmon,  Beef, Lasagna, Donair Sauce. 

BDB6 on the Peninsula. Darts, tarts, rhubarb and cheeseball. Old pals. Brent takes a spill, broken wings in cookie land. 

KV Billiards will Billian et al. Sublime covers, condoms in the bathroom, mini David Carey. "Are there any queers in the audience?" My friends make me laugh. 

Shelma turns 131 (love you) and I drink through to 2012. 

New years with mom and dad, a bottle of bubbly and four legged friends. Last day pack and so it ends. 

5am bunny heads west. Grab Lindsey in Forest City, rain, fog, snow, slush, sun, salt, snow, sunset, home Toronto. 

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