Monday, January 16, 2012

Dream from January 7

Became a fast friend with a girl at work, we left with our fancy party clothes on hangars at the end of the day. We were working an event that night, and had time to kill.

Outside, the tide was coming in but the sun was still shining. We went around to the side of the building to retrieve our bikes and we walked and talked, in French some of the time. She set up a blanket on the beach for some late afternoon sun, and asked what I was going to do to pass the time.

I mentioned I had plans with friends.

Justin called me and I was really happy. When I answered, I heard another woman talking and it wasn't to me. I said hello several times until the voice muffled, there was movement and then Justin's voice came over.

"Are you back?" I asked, and he said he was.

"How was your trip?" I asked.

"Meh." He said.

I asked him to join me at the event, and that I was free until 11. He said yes, and to meet him first.

Grabbing my bike and coming back to the front where Genevieve was sun tanning, I told her I was going to see Justin and would meet her later. The tide had come in quite a bit and my things left behind were very close to the water.

She warned me about Justin.

Looking over my shoulder I saw Matt and Kylie walking on the water, I dropped everything and turned to join them.

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