Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dream from May 1

Justin and I went to Vegas with a group of people from work. He had a secret that I needed to know. 

When we arrived, before we checked into our hotel, our group had to make its way through the poorly lit, maze-like subterranean lobby. Each space offered trinkets for sale, food, and other entertainment. In one chamber our colleague Vanessa introduced us to her sister who worked there, and I was very excited to meet an east coaster in the desert though she didn't see the connection. 

Finally, near the end of our journey, I began to understand what Justin was hiding. He was married, to two very angry women who were part of our group. They were both in possession of him, and if he tried to escape, they would have him killed. 

When we walked up the stairs to the check-in, Justin told me his secret. He was gay. Then his evil wives came through a door and simultaneously vaporized me with their gaze. 

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