Friday, May 28, 2010

Them apples (...sans film)

Second trip to bobcaygeon and helped build two stories of a cabin on the land. Went hiking, took pictures on film in 2010. FILM. Haven't developed em. These are my pics from the digital, what little I could take before the card filled. So so so so so so so so beautiful in the trees. Magical. Want to go back.


(NNN) nesting new nests

The new digs treat me right direct sunlight roll it up tight and swing by for the sights and delight of my new little height. Sham brought her hickey, I conquered the world, beat that.

Volume 1 Number 5

People keep sending me things and my job is so easy.
I love this job.

Last one comes out same time as g-20 and with a can o pepper.

Tune to June

Friday, May 7, 2010

What life requires of me

The past three days have been filled with general enthusiasm set against anxiety. I like big things like the lake and disgusting things like cigarette butts and somewhere in between I found limbo in graduating. But choose the love and know there's more, its what life requires of me. Vacation jobs apply here.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


May 01

Three apartments in seven hours.

Queen street, Dovercourt, Lakeshore boulevard. Leslie street, Booth street, Dunn avenue. Jameson then Lunch then Jameson again.

Smoothest move ever, quality of living increases 400%,
the shock sets in.

Yvonne blows out the candles of thirty years past.

And there's more....