Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dream from March 13

A hot summer day came and went, the pools in the park were flowing. Paths with stairs connected to larger pools and all ran with fresh aqua coloured coolness. I chased fish up out of the hockey rink flooded waste deep, and noticed my friends sun bathing up on the side. My house was not far away. 

Sydney swam with me, my new greyhound. He loved the water. 

Soon, I noticed a swimming snake slithering through the clear water. I grabbed at it, just behind the head so not to be bitten, and lifted it out of the pool. 

Syd had gotten up on the side as well, and the snake rattled it's tail aggressively at him. 

I pulled my dog back into the water and realized he had been cut and the skin was loose revealing internal bleeding. I cradled Sydney in the water.

Dream from March 5

I was Captain Janeway, coming home. Suitcase in tow, I arrived at my apartment building to find the elevators were broken. 

Climbing up the stairs in my Starfleet uniform I exited onto the second floor only to quickly realize I lived on the third floor, and so return to the stairwell. On the next level it was still the second floor. How could this be? I repeated the action, but again I was on floor two. It didn't matter how far I climbed, I was constantly ending up in the same place. 

Frustrated, I returned to the ground. 

On the warm evening street, still with my rolling suitcase, I heard someone call for help. Others were along the sidewalk, crowded around something. Maybe something that could explain why every floor in my building was a repeat.

Instead it was somebody who was hurt, and others were tending to them, waiting for paramedics I imagine.

Knowing it was best to stay out of the way but still wanting to help, I offered to buy the people coffee. A woman asked me to get her drink in a traveling mug, but she didn't have one, and neither did I. Then she asked for a shot of tequila in the coffee. 

"I don't have enough money for that." I said in confusion at the request, then turned to go back into deep space. 

You've got the love

A big worm poked through the mud proclaiming "It's spring!" and pulled itself up into the rising sun. 

Welcoming the worm, a boys eyes swelled with tears of joy and he began to sing, "You've got the love I need to see me through."