Thursday, July 21, 2011

Growing Leo

I woke up to a baby lion playing with me in bed, he was so cute. When he left, a fuzzy purple elephant puppet was alive and snuggling with me. He reminded me of snuffaluffagus and I was absolutely IN LOVE with him. When he left, the baby lion came back. He was getting bigger and didn't want to cuddle. He clawed at my window screen, I thought "Shit, my landlord's gonna kill me I gotta move outta here soon." I grabbed the growing lion cub and tried to hold him like a baby. He clawed my hands, it hurt and knew it would only hurt more the bigger he grew. I wrapped him in a blanket, he wouldn't domesticate, I suffocated him and put him in a box, I felt guilty, I woke up.

The Space Shuttle 1981-2011

Thanks for the dreams//////
ENTERPRISE● (August 12, 1977-November 18, 1985) COLUMBIA* (April 12, 1981-February 1, 2003) CHALLENGER* (April 4, 1983-January 28, 1986) DISCOVERY* (August 30, 1984-March 9, 2011) ATLANTIS* (October 3, 1985-July 21, 2011) ENDEAVOUR* (May 7, 1992-June 1, 2011)

● Atmospheric Test Flights Only
* Hundreds of astronauts carried out 135 missions, 14 lost their lives.

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Monday, July 18, 2011

fahrenheit 111



I felt calm, I felt fear

Having a bonfire in the folks backyard, my sister and I sat with stinky the dog and drank beer. All of a sudden, a grizzly bear came out of the side woods, and crawled up on the deck. I grabbed the dogs collar (she was begging so didn't notice) and told my sister to be quiet.

Something inside the house had the bears attention, the cat maybe?

My dad emerged from the garage, and joined my sister and I at the fire pit which sat between all three apple trees. He said not to worry, but the grizzly noticed and came towards us. The old striped couch lay on its side between the bear and the fire, us on the far side.

As I felt calm, I felt fear. I remembered Craig and Sham were at the cottage up the hill and when the bear turned in their direction started to panic for my friends.

I let stinky go, surely she would run ahead and warn them.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dear Bløgg, I need to go for a swim. Lake Ontario just doesn't cut it. Something new would be nice but I would settle for a dip in the Kennebecasis. Yeah, that would be dreamy.

"No, that was mine."

People I knew were coming and going from every direction. They were scattered about a patch of grass, the lawn was our city and we moved from one end to the other exploring all four corners. Our city was the atrium of the TIFF Bell Lightbox, covered in perfect green grass. This world was in transition. Boxes of my stuff scattered on the lawn, signs, pink flamingo's. Anxiety hung in the air but so did a party.

I needed to make money and my friends were helping me out. Nava and Elyse, two girls I work with at the gallery decided to do me a favor. A box on the lawn was full of my old clothes, "We're going to sell these for you, and we'll make alot of money." Laughing, box in tow, they headed for the box office window. It was Value Village. As they started to deal with the buyer I hurried past to another task.

Soon after I returned to them to ask how it went. "Soo well!" Elyse exclaimed, "We made 16 thousand dollars!!" Immediately with disbelief, I took the cheque out of her hands. It said 16 hundred, I must have misheard her. As I got excited and hugged the girls, a sea of people burst into our world and the scene changed completely.

Swept away in the crowds, the lawn transitioned into an prep school hall way, with all the students dressed in uniforms rushing to their classrooms. Still feeling excited by the cheque I was holding, I let myself flow around with the crowds that moved like schools of fish. We swirled past rooms, inside teachers lecturing one by one saying something profound. Caught up with the crowd it felt like a party, people clapping and spinning. I bumped into Kia, dropping everything I was carrying. My cheque, a ten dollar bill, a book and some rolling papers. Quickly I retrieved my cheque, but Kia pocketed my papers and tenner. At first I thought he was joking, but when he said "No, that was mine." I transitioned into confrontation mode and immediately sat up in bed. ●

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


This film moved me, Werner Herzog is a poet. The Chauvet Cave contains paintings by humans from two era's: 32,000 years ago and 26,000 years ago. Those who came later would have seen the artists work of some 5000 years before without understanding the timeframe. "We are locked in history, they were not." Anyone who sees this movie will reconnect with their spirit.

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At London's Natural History Museum, this butterfly was born. It is half male, half female. Although rare, this has been known to happen in about 0.01% of butterflies.

"Though rare, gynandromorphy isn't unique to butterflies; individual crabs, lobsters, spiders and chickens have all been found with a mix of two sexes."

cc: bbcnews

Saturday, July 9, 2011


8 ballin' I took no photos, grabbed the panorama of the projector set up from Really? Long Lake? James was kind enough to snap a few.

Rad times on that balcony, you folks are beautiful. Thanks for coming to help us give it a send off! "See you -- Out there."

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