Monday, July 18, 2011

I felt calm, I felt fear

Having a bonfire in the folks backyard, my sister and I sat with stinky the dog and drank beer. All of a sudden, a grizzly bear came out of the side woods, and crawled up on the deck. I grabbed the dogs collar (she was begging so didn't notice) and told my sister to be quiet.

Something inside the house had the bears attention, the cat maybe?

My dad emerged from the garage, and joined my sister and I at the fire pit which sat between all three apple trees. He said not to worry, but the grizzly noticed and came towards us. The old striped couch lay on its side between the bear and the fire, us on the far side.

As I felt calm, I felt fear. I remembered Craig and Sham were at the cottage up the hill and when the bear turned in their direction started to panic for my friends.

I let stinky go, surely she would run ahead and warn them.

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