Thursday, July 14, 2011

"No, that was mine."

People I knew were coming and going from every direction. They were scattered about a patch of grass, the lawn was our city and we moved from one end to the other exploring all four corners. Our city was the atrium of the TIFF Bell Lightbox, covered in perfect green grass. This world was in transition. Boxes of my stuff scattered on the lawn, signs, pink flamingo's. Anxiety hung in the air but so did a party.

I needed to make money and my friends were helping me out. Nava and Elyse, two girls I work with at the gallery decided to do me a favor. A box on the lawn was full of my old clothes, "We're going to sell these for you, and we'll make alot of money." Laughing, box in tow, they headed for the box office window. It was Value Village. As they started to deal with the buyer I hurried past to another task.

Soon after I returned to them to ask how it went. "Soo well!" Elyse exclaimed, "We made 16 thousand dollars!!" Immediately with disbelief, I took the cheque out of her hands. It said 16 hundred, I must have misheard her. As I got excited and hugged the girls, a sea of people burst into our world and the scene changed completely.

Swept away in the crowds, the lawn transitioned into an prep school hall way, with all the students dressed in uniforms rushing to their classrooms. Still feeling excited by the cheque I was holding, I let myself flow around with the crowds that moved like schools of fish. We swirled past rooms, inside teachers lecturing one by one saying something profound. Caught up with the crowd it felt like a party, people clapping and spinning. I bumped into Kia, dropping everything I was carrying. My cheque, a ten dollar bill, a book and some rolling papers. Quickly I retrieved my cheque, but Kia pocketed my papers and tenner. At first I thought he was joking, but when he said "No, that was mine." I transitioned into confrontation mode and immediately sat up in bed. ●

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