Tuesday, May 31, 2011

East Side Beach Side

Instagram: Machine Girl and Sweet Simona (lake side east) Time for a smoke stack series.

Monday, May 30, 2011

*** !!! SUMMER THUNDER !!! ***

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Cracks over the lake last night, from our balcony

"Just put it in the freezer."

I was a child again, my sister and I were playing in the living room, my parents were close by and it was a winter's evening. We had gotten a new pet, a miniature koala bear with a bird's razor snout.

As we played with the strange animal, it began to bite us, pinching our skin. It really hurt! We lost it for a moment, then I felt a sharp pinch on my back side, it was in my pocket!

Upset and in pain, my mother suggested I put the animal to death. When I asked how, she said, "Just put it in the freezer."

I wrapped the little biter in kleenex, inside a tupperware container, added a small amount of water and sealed the cover.

KVHS 2011


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Perfect Dates, 2011

Disaster Dates, 2011

22-May-11 Joplin Tornado

22-May-11 Grímsvötn Volcano

11-May-11 Lorca Earthquake

11-March-11 Tōhoku Earthquake and Tsunami

22-Feb-11 Christchurch Earthquake


Friday, May 20, 2011

ISS over Alberta Wildfires

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Orange Moon

After I changed into new clothes, I went out on the town to find my friends. At night, I was floating in an urban setting laced with natural elements, like a university campus.

I found Matt Ross and Jen O'Reilly seated on a giant volcanic rock near the park. We spoke about old times and I projected film captures taken of them years before, at the exact same spot. Michelle Hishmeh joined us, and we all laid on the rock amongst the tress in the night. Michelle hauled out the biggest joint so we began to toke and pass.

There must have been a festival happening in the woods, people began to emerge. A police cruiser came along down the road, Michelle told me to hide the weed, and so calmly I shoved the huge doobie into the pocket of my mint coloured jeans.

Later, friends had vanished and I was alone downtown, but happy. I was going to meet Brent Dawes and always looked forward to that. The festival was getting bigger, the entire city seemed to be having a party. I looked up to the CN tower and the face of the moon had replaced it's head, glowing orange in the night like a Chinese lantern.

The jovial nature of the people began to turn quiet. Their attention was drawn to the sky, where the stars were slowly disappearing into the blackness of the night. I watched with everyone else, as more stars began to explode like fireworks and then disappear into nothing.

The city quickly fell into lockdown, people scrambling everywhere, road blocks appeared as all grew silent and dark.

I knew the end was coming, I had to get home.

Out of fear I awoke. When I opened my eyes and looked out the window, there was an orange moon glowing in the starless night sky.

Kathy Janeway

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"Why don't you just slide?"

I ate lunch with Gabrielle Arthurs in the basement. Her dad was elected and had moved to Ottawa to a place called Saint-Contradiction, but you had to say it in a french accent. We ate turkey sandwiches.

Later, I was a cat with a furry white tummy and white paws. I walked around on the forest floor but was uncomfortable because I was getting wet.

By the end I was in a playground at night with a few people, my partner was Dawn Saville and we were to analyse the new slide. A ladder leading to the top was tricky, made of thick black rope requiring a lot of upper body strength to climb. Dawn got to the top first, with ease. I on the other hand, kept forgetting things at the bottom and had to make several trips up and down the latter. When I got to the top again, I dropped my phone. Going to climb down, Dawn said to me, "Why don't you just slide?"

23rd century dies

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Also called a water bear, these microscopic animals live in extreme conditions all over the planet. In 2007, a group of them were taken into low orbit where they survived being exposed the vacuum of space.

Tardigrades and other microscopic life forms have returned to space with the shuttle Endeavour where more tests will be conducted.

KVHS 2001

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Endeavour launches for the last time yesterday. The end of an era is upon us as Atlantis makes the final space shuttle launch later this summer. Thanks for the dreams.

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Judgement Santa Earth

* highlights from the news lately: Judgement day is coming according to California based family radio. 2 judges on the supreme court of Canada are stepping down, aren't they dressed like Santa's helpers? Another earthquake hit's on the 11th, this time in southern Spain.

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Saturday, May 14, 2011


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blissed nostalgic collaborative moving fluorescent coloured radness in sync with spring ♥ really there to see me some marlo yarlo 

dandelion bed

Snails do it on our house.
Photograph by the lovely Michelle Hishmeh