Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Smoking in Space

It felt so good to be on a starship again, even if I was just visiting. My friend Ryan Ferko had received a posting aboard and I was hitching a ride to someplace close by.

Not seeing Ryan for a long time, we had some drinks and a conversation while he showed me around the living decks. Most of the crew were at their stations, leaving the hallways empty.

The ship was small, only 4 decks and long enough for me to see end to end from the centre of the corridor. Out the window, I watched old school desk chairs floating in space, and the glow of planets further beyond.

When I got to my room, Ryan had to go. He lit his cigarette and climbed down a latter towards the engine room.

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  1. Smoking in Space ... ?
    d'ya mean all anachronistic and retro like Alien (1979), or d'ya mean to make them space pirates who don't gaf?