Thursday, February 17, 2011

I decided to save myself

Hosting a party at Adam's parent's place in Mexico city I went outside to see what the commotion was. Erin Williams was in the driveway with Matt Ross, talking about the new cars and the exit strategy. I was given a set of keys as well as instructions on how to operate such devices. Erin opened the hatchback to reveal two medal suitcases, black. I was told they were the new Volkswagen golfs and that my key would unlock this car to it's full size.

Rebels drove by quite rapidly and stormed a millionaires house down the way. I knew there was a revolution happening in Mexico but thought the fighting would stay in the south. I was wrong, and now we were all going to be killed because we were white, and rich.

I ran into the house to warn people, but instead I decided to save myself. I cut through the house to the backyard, cut through Judy's garden. She had just started her spring flowers. Down the path to my secret hiding place, I could hear the guns going off behind me. I bent down and crawled on my stomach through the mud. I passed my old Rogers bill clearly soaked in the rain. I knew that if I could just make it to my hiding hole I would be safe.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

dead dad x3 to breakfast

The first I had was a nightmare so intense I woke myself up from unconscious screaming. My dad was dead.

The second was equally vague but still revolving around my father's death. I remarked to my mother that he was only 52.

By the third round I was a high school student again, trying to get a ride to school. I had missed the bus and found my mother putting her makeup on in the master bathroom. I asked if she would drive me, but she said no.

I walked downstairs, and into the dining room where my mothers purse sat. I'd been forced to stay home for days because of my father's death, and just wanted to go back to school. I rummaged through her purse and found my iPhone which had turned into a diamond ring, but still worked the same.

"I just need a ride" I said to myself aloud.

I heard someone cooking to my left in the kitchen.

"I'll drive you" interrupted my dad. Turns out he had been making breakfast all along and really wasn't dead.

J.B + A.H

Recording Rafaela's v-day graffiti project for her woman, she gets me to make a little one (my first) for my man. Quick edit at her east end place. She's tha best. Then watched Liquid sky to find many a greats have ripped off this early 80's classic. Spring nights in February. Happy v-day to all the great loves of my life! xxxo

*future fall through

Train for assistant job, get illustration job instead, start brainstorming. Work 1.5 best days, meet with agency, client reports loss last quarter. Client pulls advertising budget until 'back to school'. Mean time good bye to assistant job. Back to the drawing board.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Attack of the Dear

At a bonfire in the far back of my parents yard, I was left alone to tend to the flames. It was going strong, a huge circular fire pit had been built on the edge of the woods and was crackling with delight. The crisp dusk in early winter was the setting, and although my friends had left me, I felt at peace.

There was a loud thump that came from the forest, just beyond the perimeter of the trees. I knew it was a deer, and she hoped out at me beside the fire.

Standing up, I took a defensive pose on the bench not expecting any confrontation from the typically docile creature. She lunged at me, hooves in the air. I grabbed my fire poker and attempted to scare her off, flailing the spear side to side. She didn't back down. This deer had rage for me, standing on her hind legs battling me with her front. She started to growl and show me her sharp teeth. She was a predator.

I finally had to fight back in order to discourage this advancing enemy. I used the poker as a baseball bat and hit her in the ribs as hard as I could. It was enough, and she ran back into the woods.

I jumped off the bench to follow the deer but I saw my mother in the distance watching me. A large flock of birds flew into the yard with the snow, most landed on the high branches of a spruce. I felt compelled to take a photograph but kept going.

My mother said something to me as I walked towards the trees. I peered through to another woman further back, as if through the trees revealed another persons world. She stood in the blue night that was turning to black, beside her steed. This horse kept changing appearances, from stallion to deer to buck back to stallion. Colours, shapes and sizes. The deer that I had injured was returning to her.

I looked over the the fire I was to tend and realized that it had almost gone out. How much time had I spent battling the deer? watching this woman? Quickly I stopped my pursuit and used my poker to bring the embers back to life. As I dug through the ashes my mother came up from behind. "Can you get it going again?" She asked.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

((((sunday (((o))) thursday))))

Post 'snowmageddon' deep freezes 17cm deep but sun gorged. "Look and pretend it's summer" until you go outside. Goodmorning relish5,6,7&tendril? We got a roommate!!!!

Graydon and Hayden

I was at the movies with Adam and we had VIP seats. It was the premier of an art film where many personalities were present, all wearing dark clothing, taking their seats amidst the murmur of quite conversation.

Adam returned with popcorn and that's when I realized we were at the front of the theatre, looking backwards over the audience.

These few VIP seats at the ends of the two ails of the theatre were designed so the viewer could watch the reverse of the film, mirrored at the back of the room. I was excited.

In the front row I noticed Graydon and Hayden and got up to say 'hi!'. They were on a date so I naturally pointed out Adam across the way. I looked at him, wearing all black dress clothes with slicked hair, and I absolutely gushed.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

future of the past

cc popular science weekly circa 1925
Loving the past perception of the future. Thanks mo bloggin >

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New site


I'm trying to pet tatum in video 1, and trying to beat sham at wiibox in video 2. Need more winter visits with loved ones.

Dear blogg, everything is dandy busy and right cold winter bored. Right time to be busy eh? 3X16hour days plus 4x8 hour days makes psycho sleep week. Today is my first day off in years. Haven't taken photographs in decades. Haven't painted in eons. It's bowden time and hail to the people of egypt and here comes the snow again!

Raised hands at relish

At a desk in a large class room, I was at relish. There were other students there and the boss was seated in front at the teachers desk. From the vantage point at which I sat my view of her was obstructed and I would desperately lean back or forth to get a glimpse of one side of her body.

New jobs were coming out and there was a list on the blackboard of which were up for grabs. As students we were all eager to get started and so a woman from an agency was brought in to auction them off.

The first on the list was a print job, involving two magazines and a book. I felt I was destined to do this job and so I raised my hand immediately with excitement. Others followed and in seconds it was if the entire class knew the answer, all reaching high and hard.

The agency woman walked up and down the side of the class, talking more about the project and looking back and forth between the students. I felt as if she was reading our minds as resume review but I knew I was the right man for the job so I was confident. By now many minutes later it was obvious she drawing out this process, and my arm became tired. Still holding it up, I looked back while leaning to try and see the teacher on the other side of the pillar. I was thinking maybe if I made eye contact with her I could get the job. Instead I woke up arm raised waiting my turn to answer.

Usher handing out condoms

I was an usher handing out condoms at the rex on queen but it was really a whore house, complete with hookers, strippers and other types of trades women. I was wearing the same uniform from the lightbox, which led me to believe it was an affiliated establishment. I was with security guard Robyn MacCrimmon, a woman who works at the don jail and I lived with at pitman hall. Being there with her I felt safe.

As I passed out the condoms, from a big medal milking can, I was subject to the gaze and judgement of those who came and went. Working women, some tranny's, smoking cigarettes and wearing too much makeup. The suit wearing men mixed with the city street folk. And of course, the many pedestrians walking by.

Timid and a little ashamed on the spring night that seemed warm and glowed neon in the city air, I was dreaming.

Robyn ran forward to a black car driving by that was filled with men. Loud ginos with their windows rolled down, some riding in the open trunk. She sat on the back bumper between two dudes as it slowly drove west down queen.

I realized my safety had gone as the commotion moved past and the regular city noises emerged. I centered my vision and ahead of me was a cop cruiser pulled over on the south side of the street. It bumbled with walkie talkie talk and twinkling lights and suddenly tore a u turn onto queen west bound. They were after Robyn and the black car, it was obvious.