Tuesday, February 15, 2011

dead dad x3 to breakfast

The first I had was a nightmare so intense I woke myself up from unconscious screaming. My dad was dead.

The second was equally vague but still revolving around my father's death. I remarked to my mother that he was only 52.

By the third round I was a high school student again, trying to get a ride to school. I had missed the bus and found my mother putting her makeup on in the master bathroom. I asked if she would drive me, but she said no.

I walked downstairs, and into the dining room where my mothers purse sat. I'd been forced to stay home for days because of my father's death, and just wanted to go back to school. I rummaged through her purse and found my iPhone which had turned into a diamond ring, but still worked the same.

"I just need a ride" I said to myself aloud.

I heard someone cooking to my left in the kitchen.

"I'll drive you" interrupted my dad. Turns out he had been making breakfast all along and really wasn't dead.

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