Sunday, March 27, 2011


Rebel friend and I captured number 10,000 this weekend in Bobcaygeon, Ontario.

Oh Mama

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Plane save and Goose the dog

On an airplane destined to crash, I hunched in my seat in denial.

The pilot died and the passengers gathered at the back of the plane as our nose dove to the earth. I stayed in my seat, trying to ignore everything around me. I could fly the plane you see, I could save everyone but, I didn't want to. Instead I curled in a ball sitting alone by the window and clenched my body so tight.

Brent came to me from the back cabin, where the terrified passengers clustered. They were all aware of their fate but unaware that I could save them. Brent knew. When I looked up at him, I understood what he wanted me to do. I resisted as together we made out way to the cock-pit. "I don't think I can do this."

"Yes you can." Replied Brent calmly.

Slowly, I took control of the plane. I cut the engines and guided us into the night runway lined by hotels. We crashed in slow motion through the side of one of the hotels, a hostess welcomed us as the nose of the plane made its way through the hallways. The wing cut her at the knees as we went by, but she kept smiling.

Brent gave me a pat on the back and I hastily exited the plane.


Down the hall of the hotel, through a door was Judy and Derrick's new cottage. We were putting jackets on to go for a winter hike when I realized I left my luggage on the plane. James was there and he offered me a coat. Opening a closet he said he was starting his own thrift shop.

I got down to tie my shoes, I couldn't stop asking myself why I had saved all the people on the plane. I felt guilty. Then, distracting me, a brown dog came up to me wagging his tail.

"This is Goose." Said James.

I lunged to hug the dog named Goose but he turned like a snake and bit me in arm to wake me from my dream.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Oprah bumped in Ontario

After working nights the past few days, I got off early and was excited to watch Barbra Streisand on Oprah. Love me the farewell season, and come on, The Way We Were? Yes please. So I sit down at 4pm and turn on the tube, there my dreams are dashed. Seems the Conservatives are finally presenting their federal budget and my show was bumped. I loath Canadian politics and here we go to the polls again. All I wanted was to watch Oprah.

Monday, March 21, 2011


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At the Lightbox Pool

After visiting the Ritz, I was running late for work at the Lightbox so I cut through parking lots and looked up to the Festival Tower. There were fireworks going off, drifting in the breeze. Business as usual.

I approached the main entrance which resembled Scotia Plaza, open to the sky and the tower above. I crossed King Street from the south and wandered up to the door, passing beneath the misting water fountains that sprayed onto all from above the piazza.

Inside, all floors were covered in red carpet and the walls were lined with lockers. It was obvious my place of part-time employment offered a variety of workouts.

I got to my locker and realized I had forgotten proper exercise clothes, so I decided to wear my uniform instead. It would be a bit tight, the boots were no doubt too heavy, but I could still swim.

I cast off into the main pool at the Lightbox Lobby. It was olympic size, blue with red carpet accents. As I started to enjoy the steam of other patrons, I knocked a red tea set complete with pot, cups and plates into the pool and it smashed the lining down below.

Others around took notice and I felt shame. I had made a mistake and was paralyzed with embarrassment.

Cheryl, a manager, came up to me with her silver hair and gave me her hand. Her finger nails were manicured to perfection, long and painted bright red. "It's okay Jordan, but you're going to have to clean up this mess." Together we dove to the bottom of the pool and began the repairs.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Getting ready for the reunion, we lined two by two. Steph was excited, and was showing off for Trev. Even though there weren't many in attendance, we were eager to begin. I told Steph to lead the line and we would walk two by two to our destination. My partner was Michael Chichioco.

We exited onto the street, it was night time and everything glowed as if it had just rained. We crossed the road with solidarity. I saw a car coming and playfully held out my hand to stop them. The car didn't see us, and everyone in the line behind me was flattened.

I was in disbelief, six people were squashed and the car drove away. My sister was one of the six! I turned around and got on my hands and knees to search for survivors. The six were miniature now, encased in a black SUV that was smashed beyond recognition. They were shrinking faster and faster and my tears pummeled their tiny pancaked bodies. I pulled out my phone and dialed 911, no answer.

Michael had run inside to get help and when he emerged he was Ben. He was going to flee the scene, saying "I'm moving to Canada." I tried to follow while dialing 911 again, saddened and on the edge of tears I replied "We already live there!" Dawn was near.

Friday, March 11, 2011


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Michelle Hishmeh

Bowden villa

After a party where Kate confessed she wanted to sell Relish to me, I hopped into the back of a van at dawn. Angie drove, and I was a passenger with Dave and a couple other girls he was courting. As we backed into the road, a green honda civic honked and braked hard not hit our rear bumper. Then I saw Leigh up the staircase across the back of the yard.

I jumped out of the van telling Dave to wait for me, and ran lightening speed up the stairs to my sister. She was with her boyfriend Ryan, outside the entrance to the villa.

This was the Bowden villa, on the edge of heaven. I saw my sister hugging my deceased grandfather, my uncle and my father. Other members of the Bowden clan were inside the glass house and my mother lay on the concrete near the entrance. I went to say goodbye to Leigh. For an instant I knew I was very close to my ancestors and as soon as I had the urge to open the door and go inside, I woke up.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Neutral, and friendly

The high school reunion took place on the white sandy beach of Venezuela. The turquoise water rolled in the breeze as my classmates from 10 years ago lined the beach and frolicked in the sunshine.

The school was transplanted from Quispam to this beach and stood out of place behind us, ominous like a prison but highlighted in the equatorial sun. The main lobby had been opened to the beach and others mingled inside with tropical drinks and exotic music.

I walked alone down the seaside and greeted people as I passed. Like it was when I was a student, I would nod and say "hi" as I went past, not really making contact with them but remaining neutral, and friendly.

After I did my rounds, I returned to the lobby and sat with Jenny Stewart and Jill Thompson behind the window. I congratulated the ladies on such a well organized event as we watched our classmates enjoying the beach.

Then out the window it was clear that Dale MacDonald was streaking butt naked across the beach. With nothing on but a giant smile, he jogged up one side and through the shallows, then back again. It cause a commotion and sounds of laughter erupted from all over.

Relaxed and still in her chair, Jenny asked "Why would he do that?"

There was a pause as we all watched his toned and tanned body splash through the water. It was a valid question but all I could say was "Why not?"

Wednesday, March 9, 2011