Thursday, March 10, 2011

Neutral, and friendly

The high school reunion took place on the white sandy beach of Venezuela. The turquoise water rolled in the breeze as my classmates from 10 years ago lined the beach and frolicked in the sunshine.

The school was transplanted from Quispam to this beach and stood out of place behind us, ominous like a prison but highlighted in the equatorial sun. The main lobby had been opened to the beach and others mingled inside with tropical drinks and exotic music.

I walked alone down the seaside and greeted people as I passed. Like it was when I was a student, I would nod and say "hi" as I went past, not really making contact with them but remaining neutral, and friendly.

After I did my rounds, I returned to the lobby and sat with Jenny Stewart and Jill Thompson behind the window. I congratulated the ladies on such a well organized event as we watched our classmates enjoying the beach.

Then out the window it was clear that Dale MacDonald was streaking butt naked across the beach. With nothing on but a giant smile, he jogged up one side and through the shallows, then back again. It cause a commotion and sounds of laughter erupted from all over.

Relaxed and still in her chair, Jenny asked "Why would he do that?"

There was a pause as we all watched his toned and tanned body splash through the water. It was a valid question but all I could say was "Why not?"

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