Monday, June 27, 2011

I had three dogs

I was with a man and I had three dogs. A black mutt, an overweight bulldog and a golden retriever. They were new to me, recently adopted. Walking home on the dreamy city streets, I dropped the leash and they all got loose.

The black mutt ran up an alley, the other two went into street and were hit by a car. The bulldog was squashed in half, run over, dead. The retrieved lay bleeding in the road and I ran to him.

The man I was with told me to apply pressure on the wound, I had hope we could save him. When I heard my mother's cat Louie snarl up the alley, I woke up.

Louie Bowden Christmas 2009

Cloaking Device

Science and Technology article references Harry Potter but this idea was explained long ago by Star Trek.

cc: bbc news

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Red Bear

Toronto was miniature and we were giants. On a boat in the harbour, you could easily step out and only be knee deep. The towers were within reach. Everything was fragile.

I was on that boat docked on the far side of the harbour next to Wards Island. I sat beside the Prime Minister who sat beside the Queen and found a passport of the floor. About to cast off, I opened the passport and remembered that I had found it in a previous dream, it belonged to Paul McCartney. I passed it to Stephen Harper who reached over the Queen to hand it to the singer.

As the boat made it's way to the west passage traveling along the shoreline of the miniature city, a menacing figure appeared. He was a giant bear with ginger hair and an angry disposition. As he noticed us, he charged us teeth bared swimming through the water faster than anything.

Strangely everyone onboard was calm, including myself. As the bear hit the boat, some elderly ladies fell into the water. I knew one of them, so rushed down the side to see if I could help. The boat kept moving and the bear was coming to fast. Just as I was sure these women would be eaten, the enormous red creature rushed past them, and came up beside the boat. I looked at him with no sense of fear.

As he rammed the boat again, we became lodged in the narrow channel to the west of the harbour. Stuck, I was sure the bear would have his way but instead he just swam off.

Giraffe Octopus

One night I decided to watch some outdoor performance art, it just so happened to be in my backyard. The acting troop began dressed in baggy black clothes set in the foggy wooded veldt. I knew only one of the actors and I was the only audience member to attend.

As the show pushed on, a giant giraffe escaped from her underground pen which looked very much like an old cellar. Upset, I approached to try and calm the creature. Meanwhile the actors continued into the woods, unaware of my drifting attention.

The giraffe was uncomfortable. Using my body as a post, she wrapped her long neck around me awkwardly. I was immobilized. As she pulled, her neck cracked and I felt the vibrations run down the length of my body. She repeated this several times.

"Okay, you have to stop that please." I said high pitched to the giraffe, trying to grab the harness that was on her enormous face. Her mouth opened in attempt to bite me but she missed.

I managed to coax the giraffe back into her underground cellar, poor thing wasn't naturally meant to be in a cage like that. As I got to her final space, she transformed into an immense octopus with dozens of sucking arms. Floating through the air as water, this creature would not be as forgiving as the last and I could feel my life in danger.

Terrified, I got out of the cellar as fast as I could, closing and locking the door. Sure enough, this octopus' arms slid through the cracks and it would only be a matter of minutes before the huge beast escaped.

I looked for the actors but they were deeper in the woods focused on their show. I should have warned them, but I ran away instead. Heart racing, I woke up.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"Many Roads" Mosaic

*See the full scale mosaic on the Sherbourne Health Centre, just off Allen Gardens.

Home to Here

*Sister pants is moving here in a couple months, should we get an Irish Setter???

Monday, June 20, 2011

Space Freighter

This freighter carrying space garbage will crash into the Pacific tomorrow. I guess the astronauts figure it's better in our Ocean than in Outer Space.

cc: bbc news

Ocean Death

An international panel has released 'shocking' information about the decline of life in our oceans. Although if you have half a brain and understand the industrial world, it really isn't all that surprising. Many of the global changes that have occurred in recent history are leading to mass extinctions within the planets biggest bread basket. The report covered in the BBC's online story lists the issues at fault noting how all are acting 'synergistically to increase threats to marine life.'

"Life on Earth has gone through five "mass extinction events" caused by events such as asteroid impacts; and it is often said that humanity's combined impact is causing a sixth such event."

The report with immediate recommendations to alleviate the path towards extinction will be presented to the UN this week.

Poor Sebastian, the report finds bottom feeders are eating pollutants stuck to plastic particles that litter the sea floor.

cc: bbc news

Daniel+Retarded Babs

*Thanks Daniel

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Star falls into Blackhole

Astronomers have witnessed a star falling into a blackhole, an incredibly rare celestial event taking place once every one hundred thousand years (so they say). First detected late March, the death of this star that got to close made such a powerful phenomenon visible to the people of Earth.

grandmothers front lawn

Sitting on the front lawn of my grandmothers old house in West Saint John, a short film was being shot very quickly. Most of the city was there. A hot summer day complete with bus loads of kids, carnival rides and water fights. My mother sat with my father and baby sister on the steps amidst the crowd. She swore under her breath about all the children, my sister told her not to (as if).

A police cruiser came onto the scene and arrested one of the many construction workers charged with child molestation. I burst into an insane applause inciting cheers from the crowd which lasted forever. Justice had been done.

tornado imminent

Meeting at the Toronto Star with the Creative Director of Eye Weekly and The Grid, two women were the same person. I was trying to get a job and desperately wanted to see inside.

I got a warning on my phone that a tornado was on the way so with haste I excused myself and stepped out onto the street.

I could see them coming, pockets of clouds laced with sun. These were aggressive and spawned funnels. Chaos paired with bliss. The city was Toronto, but with mountains, new high rises, and a coastline far greater than the lake.

Distracted from finding my bike, I watched a plane make an emergency landing on the Gardiner Expressway, squashing cars and squealing to a halt. It had been hit by one of the dozens of tiny but powerful storms which were racing through the city. A mountain side in the downtown core was being ripped apart by one tornado, spewing rocks into the streets below.

My phone sent another warning to me, this time all in red, tornado imminent. I felt fear and decided to find cover. I couldn't find my bike, although I was carrying my bike chain, and dashed into a black circus tent that was near where I stood. Inside I noticed the tent was held up by enormous aluminum rods and told myself not to touch them. Lighting would surely strike.

Through the tent I found a narrow alley in Mexico, covered in excrement and vomit. Still carrying my bike chain, I went door to door in the alley, hoping one would open and lead me to a cellar. I had to get underground, the tornado was coming. I wiped away the vomit on one door nob, no luck. I kept repeating this, and a group of men started to follow me.

Soon I gave up, and peaked my head back out onto the street. It seemed the storm was subsiding. The city was quiet and I stepped back out towards the Star building.

As I wandered through backyards and underpasses, another burst from the sky dropped thick red foam all over the building beside me. It slowly melted away and I picked up my pace. If I could find my bike, I would race home to safety. Please God!

I could see the Star building in the distance, I was close. Another small cloud dropped foam to my left. This time bright green. It ate away at everything, some splashing onto my skin, burning. I looked to my right and saw a new Scotia Plaza, made of three emerald towers glowing in the sun.

I cut to a new condo development, again three round towers of blue and black. At the other side would be my bike, I was sure of it. I saw a WalMart at the base, a man was taking photographs of a family. I thought to myself "I could do that job" and I woke up from this horrific nightmare.

his mustache forms like long insect antennae.

I had lunch with Adam, after we cut through a mega grocery store. It felt like it was midnight. I stopped to buy laminated fruit pieces on sale, they were preserved for the astronauts. On the way out I looked at BBQ flavored gum.

Exiting at Yonge and Bloor heading south in a night time blizzard, Adam crosses at Charles Street to go home without a word. I yell at him, other people notice and I feel embarrassed. He crosses back, I kneel in the snow by a hydrant.

I'm angry and want to punch him, but instead aggressively rip off his hood and scarf. His beard is encrusted with snow, his mustache forms like long insect antennae.

He says "We don't love eachother anymore" with an evil grimace. I'm crying and angry, turn to run away. Making a scene, I fall in the snowy sidewalk. I wake up.

Monday, June 13, 2011


My roomate Michelle works for a place called Buddy Belts (That's Buddy in the bucket of belts above, he's so old), they had a booth at Woofstock. I usually stumble across this annual festival but this year made a point to see my friend and capture some of these cuties. Perma-smile the entire time, even if some of the people were a bit extreme.


Wednesday, June 8, 2011


*****We're having a party!!!


My bedroom was turned into an ampitheatre, and we were all in black. Sitting in a semi circle facing my closet mirror, everyone was silent.

Karen wanted to speak up and when I could feel her desire, I interrupted the silence and said "Go ahead Karen."

She spoke about speaking out, how it feels good. Then another person followed, then another. Pretty soon the entire group was speaking one by one about opening their spirit to the world around them.

Then a Christian man came in and interrupted. He took a microphone out of my ear and left the room. Silence fell again.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Simon Black

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