Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Peregian Beach, 2005


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4 Legged Family

The search continues for a four legged friend. Cat or Dog, or Both?


Dream from January 13

The weekend get away was over, we had to leave. I loved the house, and wanted to take it with me. All the nicknacks, the creaks, the rustic charm. It was very dear to me after such a short time. 

It came time to say goodbye to my dear old friend Matt, and as we stepped out into the dim light of dawn it began to rain. A line of friends followed us out to the road where the bus stop waited near an underpass. Michelle, Kerry among others, frolicked in the early morning, still buzzed from a euphoric weekend together. 

The group sat on a ledge near the roadway that elevated to the west, the rain subsided but the water rushed up the street against the force of gravity.

I crossed the road to take a photo of my pals. Turning around once across, two girls followed but didn't look both ways, and cars almost hit them as they drove by. I thought they were foolish, but also felt guilty because they followed me in the first place.  

Trying to frame the shot, it was too dark.

While I was still on the other side of the street, camera to my face, the bus arrived, picked up my friend Matt and drove away. It was over then, and so returned to pack my things to leave. 

The weather got worse. 

Monday, January 16, 2012

Circles in space

Dream from January 9

I woke up early and decided to go into work. But when I cast off, I forgot to raise the seat on my bike. 

Turning around in the dark morning, I went into the storefront and up the stairs to my home.

Someone was moving out, and had layered the stairs with cardboard boxes. A woman walked down on boxes with bags. I pulled up my bike and got out of her way. She did not apologize, in fact she said nothing. 

Lifting my bike, I walked up the stairs of boxes to my apartment. The numbers went down as I went up.

Passing the moving apartment, the door was open and inside was alive with activity. Two toddlers were running around the halls and being loud, no one was paying attention to them. I had to be careful not to hurt them. Again, no one said they were sorry. 

Inside my carpeted, windowless bedroom in the small stuffy apartment, I started looking for the wrench I needed to fix my bike. Then I got distracted.

I had to pee, but didn't want to go to use the communal washroom because of all the people moving. I grabbed a glass and started to go. Then another. It kept coming and I couldn't stop it, so grabbed an empty champagne bottle that had a crack in it. I couldn't get the top off with one hand so frantically tried to pee into the crack opening, but most ended up on the floor.

I was mesmerized by all my urine expanding into the carpet, and thought immediately of the tsunami in Japan.  I woke up and went to the toilet right away.

Dream from January 7

Became a fast friend with a girl at work, we left with our fancy party clothes on hangars at the end of the day. We were working an event that night, and had time to kill.

Outside, the tide was coming in but the sun was still shining. We went around to the side of the building to retrieve our bikes and we walked and talked, in French some of the time. She set up a blanket on the beach for some late afternoon sun, and asked what I was going to do to pass the time.

I mentioned I had plans with friends.

Justin called me and I was really happy. When I answered, I heard another woman talking and it wasn't to me. I said hello several times until the voice muffled, there was movement and then Justin's voice came over.

"Are you back?" I asked, and he said he was.

"How was your trip?" I asked.

"Meh." He said.

I asked him to join me at the event, and that I was free until 11. He said yes, and to meet him first.

Grabbing my bike and coming back to the front where Genevieve was sun tanning, I told her I was going to see Justin and would meet her later. The tide had come in quite a bit and my things left behind were very close to the water.

She warned me about Justin.

Looking over my shoulder I saw Matt and Kylie walking on the water, I dropped everything and turned to join them.

It Snowed

...But now it's melting.

Dream from December 19

A programmer at TIFF was having a master class in grammar and syntax, in a retro classroom at our workplace. She had transcribed some extremely sexual paragraphs on the chalk board, and our exercise was to correct them. I chose one, and re-wrote it correctly into E.J.'s really thick black beard with a fine razor blade. I was just about finished when the school bell rang/alarm clock woke me up.

Dream from December 17

Michelle and I switched bodies with William and Kate, to give them a break. They were visiting us at a hotel in Parkdale and we decided to ride a bicycle together down to the water. When we came back, we discovered the prince and princess had sex in our bodies!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I was home in my pocket

After a year away, my sister and I packed up her car bunny to set sail for home. We pulled out at midnight, picked up Brenna and headed east out of night time Toronto. 15 hours later, we arrived. Mild and sunny, just in time for supper. 

And so the family love fest ensued. Eat, nap, eat again. Kitty, dog, fireplace. Snow for a powerless Christmas morning (a pioneer Christmas). Turkey, Ham, Salmon,  Beef, Lasagna, Donair Sauce. 

BDB6 on the Peninsula. Darts, tarts, rhubarb and cheeseball. Old pals. Brent takes a spill, broken wings in cookie land. 

KV Billiards will Billian et al. Sublime covers, condoms in the bathroom, mini David Carey. "Are there any queers in the audience?" My friends make me laugh. 

Shelma turns 131 (love you) and I drink through to 2012. 

New years with mom and dad, a bottle of bubbly and four legged friends. Last day pack and so it ends. 

5am bunny heads west. Grab Lindsey in Forest City, rain, fog, snow, slush, sun, salt, snow, sunset, home Toronto. 

I was home

Photos taken in Kings County & Saint John County, New Brunswick.