Sunday, April 29, 2012

Where am I now?

But its calm under the waves, in the blue of my oblivion.



C'est le temps que to as perdu pour ta rose qui fait ta rose si importante.

Circle the wagons.

Dream from April 29

A girl was captured and help up in a dark decapitated county house. Tied up at the arms and legs and hung from the ceiling naked, I was raped in the night by men with riffles. Every time a new one would come I imagined them letting me go, or my escape. Instead they would rape me and I would scream and I would cry, but no one would hear me. My prison was in absolute isolation.  

Before I awoke, the man came up the stairs, the silhouette of his riffle so visible. My first instinct, as always, was that he was there to rescue me. When he got up the stairs through tears I asked him to set me free. I knew with his gun and his baseball cap that he was the same breed of man who always came. 

As he went behind me he said that I would be let go, someday. I envisioned having a knife in my hand and stabbing him in the chest. Then he raped me and I screamed in pain and I woke up from a nightmare that seemed so real. 


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dream from March 28

I left work on my bike and met Abby, Ava and Paula in a bar two doors over. They had brought their computers and set up their desks in the pub. I needed a break but these women had brought their work with them, Ava even answering phones patched in from the office. Still, I thought it was smart of them to drink while doing so. 

Later, I had to leave Brent at the hospital. He needed more time to finish because he worked there as an entertainer for the sick. Nick was there too, we kissed on the cheek in the French tradition and then I French kissed him on the third. 

We drove away together onto the Montreal highway, and I drove fast. I realized that I was technically on a break and had to get back to work, my boss was waiting for me in Toronto. 

Trying to find the right exit, I turned and drove through a doorway that led to an abandoned stairwell of a high-rise. The car was too wide, and began to be scratched and dented by the narrow, concrete, upward stair-climb. More so as I tried to round the corners. 

Eventually we became stuck and I was angry to have wrecked my sisters car. I got out, reached for a brick and threw it as hard as I could against a window suspecting the breaking glass would satisfy me. Instead, the brick shattered into a million pieces. 

HISTORY II: North America


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dream from March 17

At the beach, my dog was in swimming lessons where I took swimming lessons, years ago. He was cute, playing in the water with the other kids. Synchronized swimming lessons. Then, he took off. I yelled for him and chased him across the beach. When I caught up, he found a nest of baby skunks. Even cuter! We played with them as Madonna's "Like a Prayer" played from the sky. 

STARS: 10,000 vs 1,000,000,000

Astronomers at the VISTA telescope in Chile and the UKIRT telescope in Hawaii have compiled the most detailed image of the cosmos in existence. The first image, a minuscule fraction of the sky, contains 10,000 stars. The second, a long scratch of the heavens, contains approximately 1 Billion. 

cc: Discover Magazine