Thursday, December 31, 2009



Monday, December 28, 2009

Lou loves Leigh Leigh loves Lou

How is this over it can't be that two weeks fly by faster than pee this scene is keen and I fall on one knee when I see my loves in En Be its all I need my home grown toned own sewn boned cone phone. It wasn't a dream this time. It was all mine. Two weeks shine high now to sigh as the last moments fly by then back to sky my guy and clementines. Bitter sweet. Come closer Toronto. Follow me valley. Take me with you, let me fuse you together, lets make babies they'll be from heaven.
The Boxing Day Bonanza can be summed up with the quote of the evening; "Jesus Masturbatin' Christ" is all I gotta say wowowowowowowowow these people can drink and sing and dance and and and and and I can't see them again for another year Effin right times even more good if I wasn't driving the pickup truck but still outside fire inside country low ceilings and authentic plaid no hipster shit please. JESUS MASTURBATN CHRIST!!!!!!!!
BLACK ROADS Kennebecasis to Gondola Point, Gondola Point to Quispamsis, Quispamsis to Hampton, Hampton to Bloomfield, Bloomfield to Norton, Norton to Apohaqui, Apohaqui to OOOOPPPS POOPS SUSSEX! Sussex back to the future Apohaqui. SDAOR KCALB

Just came to say, goodbye love, GOODBYE LOVE, just came to say, goodbye love, goodbye.Families reunited father mother child diving into the past mothers promiscuous ways, fathers predatory instincts, childs unstable future wow nice teeth I am in love with these people and will never be the same without them even though they have been wrapped around my heart so tight they left marks scars and toilet paper rippings from shaving accidents. Why did I leave this place? Where have these people gone? Picks of the lot who hit the spot Brent David Dawes Matthew Ross Mark Munro Kerry Shaw Samantha Jones Joanna Bryson Benjamin Ross Michelle Brewer Kate Stilwell Jill O'Reilly Jen Ross Eddie Murphy there were others but these dolls come with me.
Eddie and Leigh are the only ones who still get excited about Christmas.
Bless those kids.
Then theres the fam theres not much you can say about something so puuurfect, blessings blessings and more blessings so stuffed with stuffing and chocolate chocolate Fereero Roche. Thanks mom dad and sister, eddie louie and all the other little creatures you will be missed I DONT NEED A BELT ANYMORE and I'm coming home soon you bet. Loulaloulaloulalouloulou Loulaloulaloulalou Leigh Loves Lou Lou Loves Leigh Leigh Loves Lou Lou Loves Leigh Leigh Loves Lou Lou Loves Leigh.

Olive the other (bare((silver))back)

Christmas morning there are deer in the back yard and we're all like "heeeeey girl! nice white ass. work that white tail girl. Ummmhmm" and we feed them apples and pears and they want to have our babies. Two little ones, one buck and yes, one with silver spots. Me in my next life. Poof!

Thursday, December 24, 2009


HOHO-HOOOO Last year for miami love chirstmas fest there was no snow let alone the amazing phat wet sticky delicious thick icing cake like snow thank you new brunswick and your beauty although you would have killed me in that pontiac if you had a chance. Its christmas eve and I'm 8 years old again. 88888888888888888888888888888!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The fire never ends.

FIRE IN THE SNOW FIRE IN THE SNOW FIRE IN THE SNOW RIGHT RIGHT FIRE IN THE SNOW. First came snow, then came wood, then came match, then came paper. Then came coals, then came beer. Battle battle battle, base. Then came Matt, then Brother Ben, then Kerry, Sam Jones, Brent. Then came red wine, then came logs, then came real fire. Then came Michelle then came Jo then came the snow. Gentle, with peace, not the Atlantic beast.

The fire didn't end. After Brent took a shovel and buried the fire, I went to bed. The fire didn't end. I dreamed we ran around the fire in the snow, dancing. People coming and going. Chris Heller came back to tell us something was coming. He pointed to the night sky and three lights came towards the fire fast. Were they UFOs? No they were Helicopters, on a search, he said. He left, the helicopters passed over, I took photographs. After the fire went out, the party moved into the wood room in the basement of my parents house. I asked if there was heat in there, someone said yes and I went upstairs. Sara texted me to say she saw Ricardo. I went upstairs and she had driven there with Ricardo, his roomate Paul and Michelle Brewer, all the way from Miami in minutes. I let them in. Ricardo had short hair and a beard. I kissed him and he looked at me with disgust. I asked him how he crossed the border. He said he had a fake ID. Paul looked worried. I was shocked. I slapped Ricardo in the face and told him I wanted to talk to him alone. I grabbed his hand and got up to take him someplace quite in the house and I woke up. I FUCKING LOVE DREAMS THEY ARE SO FUCKING CRAZY AND THE BEST WAY TO LEARN MORE ABOUT YOURSELF I FUCKING LOVE DREAMS LIKE YOU COULDN'T BELIEVE. HAPPY WINTER SOLSTICE! THE FIRE NEVER ENDS!!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

PEN15---just say penis.

PHATTY DINNER THEATRE at the water street and wow they look good in oranges potty script but fucking A+++++++++ musical genius look at these bad boys go go go.

fucking love a mountie


Kiss fake ttc ticket bus subway kipling airport rocket terminal 1 fake checkin real checkin security big plane 150 ppl middle seat sexy newfoundlanders 2 hours HALIFAX. Land at the same time my connection boards. Run across shitty YHZ to smallest plane I have ever been on. 17 ppl strong woman pilot 12,000 feet over the bay of FUNdy crazy winds, sheer and white caps on the ocean below. Fly fast thrity minutes to cliff beaches beautiful snow trees land in icy SAN JAN EN BEEEE. EMOH HOME OMG GMO HERE EREH.

Saturday, December 12, 2009


The second wife and some great pals had an intimate little house warming eve on Lisgar avenue for me and it was worthy of the Cigars and cheating cigarettes and white to rose to red wine. Twenty sex or should I skip ahead to twenty seven? It just sounds so much better. Sagittarian heat please.
SHAM LIGHTS MY CANDLE Like she always does and serenades me with the beatles and black sabbath beers and boobies. Boy oh boy is blistery because of bettinna the ballerina who bought bananas beautiful burgundy and bagged broccoli for my birthday. I LOVE FAKE TTC TICKETS

-16 on the 11th and Brenna story telling people complain about the cold and bundle on their jackets and mitts and gloves and scarves and hats and long johns and lipbalms and inflatable fireplaces and all I have is my t-shirt because I'm stupid drunk and canadian.
A birthday song from BRENNA "Jordan is the most fucked up person I know."
My hostess
The allergen and the allergic.
After the red wine...
Martina give the bird to the weather. THE WORSE TIME OF THE YEAR TO BE BORN.
The white to rose to red continues from now until eternity also known as twenty-ten.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


5883 captures in 718 days. 8 pictures a day that's okay. My camera turns two in 11 days. December say C-H-E-E-Z-E and yay no freeze ya sleaze. 5883 EEEEEEE

MO'MONEY (final)

WHAT THE CRAP I can't believe this fine okay here we go if you insist but I really must insist wowowowookayokayokay fine fine fine I'll do it I will I promise, yes, yes okay.

Sunday, November 29, 2009



And shit spits out of my soul (for class) 6 out of 6, who takes 6 classes seriously stix sick slit so this is the shit. Self Promo GRPH4A04: DIGITAL/ANALOGUE GRAPHIC REPRODUCTION PROCESSSSis so fucking homo. The URL is fake!