Monday, December 28, 2009

Lou loves Leigh Leigh loves Lou

How is this over it can't be that two weeks fly by faster than pee this scene is keen and I fall on one knee when I see my loves in En Be its all I need my home grown toned own sewn boned cone phone. It wasn't a dream this time. It was all mine. Two weeks shine high now to sigh as the last moments fly by then back to sky my guy and clementines. Bitter sweet. Come closer Toronto. Follow me valley. Take me with you, let me fuse you together, lets make babies they'll be from heaven.
The Boxing Day Bonanza can be summed up with the quote of the evening; "Jesus Masturbatin' Christ" is all I gotta say wowowowowowowowow these people can drink and sing and dance and and and and and I can't see them again for another year Effin right times even more good if I wasn't driving the pickup truck but still outside fire inside country low ceilings and authentic plaid no hipster shit please. JESUS MASTURBATN CHRIST!!!!!!!!
BLACK ROADS Kennebecasis to Gondola Point, Gondola Point to Quispamsis, Quispamsis to Hampton, Hampton to Bloomfield, Bloomfield to Norton, Norton to Apohaqui, Apohaqui to OOOOPPPS POOPS SUSSEX! Sussex back to the future Apohaqui. SDAOR KCALB

Just came to say, goodbye love, GOODBYE LOVE, just came to say, goodbye love, goodbye.Families reunited father mother child diving into the past mothers promiscuous ways, fathers predatory instincts, childs unstable future wow nice teeth I am in love with these people and will never be the same without them even though they have been wrapped around my heart so tight they left marks scars and toilet paper rippings from shaving accidents. Why did I leave this place? Where have these people gone? Picks of the lot who hit the spot Brent David Dawes Matthew Ross Mark Munro Kerry Shaw Samantha Jones Joanna Bryson Benjamin Ross Michelle Brewer Kate Stilwell Jill O'Reilly Jen Ross Eddie Murphy there were others but these dolls come with me.
Eddie and Leigh are the only ones who still get excited about Christmas.
Bless those kids.
Then theres the fam theres not much you can say about something so puuurfect, blessings blessings and more blessings so stuffed with stuffing and chocolate chocolate Fereero Roche. Thanks mom dad and sister, eddie louie and all the other little creatures you will be missed I DONT NEED A BELT ANYMORE and I'm coming home soon you bet. Loulaloulaloulalouloulou Loulaloulaloulalou Leigh Loves Lou Lou Loves Leigh Leigh Loves Lou Lou Loves Leigh Leigh Loves Lou Lou Loves Leigh.

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