Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The fire never ends.

FIRE IN THE SNOW FIRE IN THE SNOW FIRE IN THE SNOW RIGHT RIGHT FIRE IN THE SNOW. First came snow, then came wood, then came match, then came paper. Then came coals, then came beer. Battle battle battle, base. Then came Matt, then Brother Ben, then Kerry, Sam Jones, Brent. Then came red wine, then came logs, then came real fire. Then came Michelle then came Jo then came the snow. Gentle, with peace, not the Atlantic beast.

The fire didn't end. After Brent took a shovel and buried the fire, I went to bed. The fire didn't end. I dreamed we ran around the fire in the snow, dancing. People coming and going. Chris Heller came back to tell us something was coming. He pointed to the night sky and three lights came towards the fire fast. Were they UFOs? No they were Helicopters, on a search, he said. He left, the helicopters passed over, I took photographs. After the fire went out, the party moved into the wood room in the basement of my parents house. I asked if there was heat in there, someone said yes and I went upstairs. Sara texted me to say she saw Ricardo. I went upstairs and she had driven there with Ricardo, his roomate Paul and Michelle Brewer, all the way from Miami in minutes. I let them in. Ricardo had short hair and a beard. I kissed him and he looked at me with disgust. I asked him how he crossed the border. He said he had a fake ID. Paul looked worried. I was shocked. I slapped Ricardo in the face and told him I wanted to talk to him alone. I grabbed his hand and got up to take him someplace quite in the house and I woke up. I FUCKING LOVE DREAMS THEY ARE SO FUCKING CRAZY AND THE BEST WAY TO LEARN MORE ABOUT YOURSELF I FUCKING LOVE DREAMS LIKE YOU COULDN'T BELIEVE. HAPPY WINTER SOLSTICE! THE FIRE NEVER ENDS!!!

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