Saturday, December 12, 2009


The second wife and some great pals had an intimate little house warming eve on Lisgar avenue for me and it was worthy of the Cigars and cheating cigarettes and white to rose to red wine. Twenty sex or should I skip ahead to twenty seven? It just sounds so much better. Sagittarian heat please.
SHAM LIGHTS MY CANDLE Like she always does and serenades me with the beatles and black sabbath beers and boobies. Boy oh boy is blistery because of bettinna the ballerina who bought bananas beautiful burgundy and bagged broccoli for my birthday. I LOVE FAKE TTC TICKETS

-16 on the 11th and Brenna story telling people complain about the cold and bundle on their jackets and mitts and gloves and scarves and hats and long johns and lipbalms and inflatable fireplaces and all I have is my t-shirt because I'm stupid drunk and canadian.
A birthday song from BRENNA "Jordan is the most fucked up person I know."
My hostess
The allergen and the allergic.
After the red wine...
Martina give the bird to the weather. THE WORSE TIME OF THE YEAR TO BE BORN.
The white to rose to red continues from now until eternity also known as twenty-ten.

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