Monday, February 27, 2012

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Dream from February 26

The highways were being sewn together, a massive machine paving the median to create a giant one way highway. "Adding two additional lanes." They said. To help expedite the migration and to save as many lives as possible. 

We were all being asked to leave, and everyone seems to accept this willingly, as if they knew this eviction was coming. 

I returned to my room to gather some belongings. Looking around at my things, I didn't want to leave, and was distressed and angry. 

My sister came in with the dog, they had been living on the street for some time getting used to it. "He's adjusting very well." My sister said. "He'll be a good help." I knew she was referring to the long journey ahead of us.

I looked out the widow to see masses of refugees leaving town. I knew this would happen, but it was still so upsetting. 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dream from February 22

In a mechanics garage, the doors were shut, the lights were on. Jaspreet, Alexis, Peter and I prepared for the hunt. On the other side of the large garage door was our prey, a squid. 

Jaspreet was at the door, in the pit, waiting for the great beast to come near. There was an indicator measuring the squids distance, in bright red digital numbers. It was getting closer. 

I pushed a giant button and the garage door slowly began to rise. In pored the black water. Pitch black, like oil, rushed in and began to overtake the floor of the garage.

Jaspreet looked back at me and reached out her arm. "I'm getting pulled under." she said calmly. I reached out and took her hand as her body was pulled down by the squid. Alexis came to our aid, and together we dragged Jaspreet and the squid up into the garage out of the flood. The door was closed and water stopped pouring in.

Peter decided to leave us, but the girls and I hauled the big black squid now almost lifeless up into the back of a pick-up truck. We started to nail down it's arms and talked about how delicious the calamari was going to be.