Sunday, April 29, 2012

Dream from April 29

A girl was captured and help up in a dark decapitated county house. Tied up at the arms and legs and hung from the ceiling naked, I was raped in the night by men with riffles. Every time a new one would come I imagined them letting me go, or my escape. Instead they would rape me and I would scream and I would cry, but no one would hear me. My prison was in absolute isolation.  

Before I awoke, the man came up the stairs, the silhouette of his riffle so visible. My first instinct, as always, was that he was there to rescue me. When he got up the stairs through tears I asked him to set me free. I knew with his gun and his baseball cap that he was the same breed of man who always came. 

As he went behind me he said that I would be let go, someday. I envisioned having a knife in my hand and stabbing him in the chest. Then he raped me and I screamed in pain and I woke up from a nightmare that seemed so real. 

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