Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dream from January 13

The weekend get away was over, we had to leave. I loved the house, and wanted to take it with me. All the nicknacks, the creaks, the rustic charm. It was very dear to me after such a short time. 

It came time to say goodbye to my dear old friend Matt, and as we stepped out into the dim light of dawn it began to rain. A line of friends followed us out to the road where the bus stop waited near an underpass. Michelle, Kerry among others, frolicked in the early morning, still buzzed from a euphoric weekend together. 

The group sat on a ledge near the roadway that elevated to the west, the rain subsided but the water rushed up the street against the force of gravity.

I crossed the road to take a photo of my pals. Turning around once across, two girls followed but didn't look both ways, and cars almost hit them as they drove by. I thought they were foolish, but also felt guilty because they followed me in the first place.  

Trying to frame the shot, it was too dark.

While I was still on the other side of the street, camera to my face, the bus arrived, picked up my friend Matt and drove away. It was over then, and so returned to pack my things to leave. 

The weather got worse. 

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