Thursday, June 23, 2011

Giraffe Octopus

One night I decided to watch some outdoor performance art, it just so happened to be in my backyard. The acting troop began dressed in baggy black clothes set in the foggy wooded veldt. I knew only one of the actors and I was the only audience member to attend.

As the show pushed on, a giant giraffe escaped from her underground pen which looked very much like an old cellar. Upset, I approached to try and calm the creature. Meanwhile the actors continued into the woods, unaware of my drifting attention.

The giraffe was uncomfortable. Using my body as a post, she wrapped her long neck around me awkwardly. I was immobilized. As she pulled, her neck cracked and I felt the vibrations run down the length of my body. She repeated this several times.

"Okay, you have to stop that please." I said high pitched to the giraffe, trying to grab the harness that was on her enormous face. Her mouth opened in attempt to bite me but she missed.

I managed to coax the giraffe back into her underground cellar, poor thing wasn't naturally meant to be in a cage like that. As I got to her final space, she transformed into an immense octopus with dozens of sucking arms. Floating through the air as water, this creature would not be as forgiving as the last and I could feel my life in danger.

Terrified, I got out of the cellar as fast as I could, closing and locking the door. Sure enough, this octopus' arms slid through the cracks and it would only be a matter of minutes before the huge beast escaped.

I looked for the actors but they were deeper in the woods focused on their show. I should have warned them, but I ran away instead. Heart racing, I woke up.

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