Thursday, June 23, 2011

Red Bear

Toronto was miniature and we were giants. On a boat in the harbour, you could easily step out and only be knee deep. The towers were within reach. Everything was fragile.

I was on that boat docked on the far side of the harbour next to Wards Island. I sat beside the Prime Minister who sat beside the Queen and found a passport of the floor. About to cast off, I opened the passport and remembered that I had found it in a previous dream, it belonged to Paul McCartney. I passed it to Stephen Harper who reached over the Queen to hand it to the singer.

As the boat made it's way to the west passage traveling along the shoreline of the miniature city, a menacing figure appeared. He was a giant bear with ginger hair and an angry disposition. As he noticed us, he charged us teeth bared swimming through the water faster than anything.

Strangely everyone onboard was calm, including myself. As the bear hit the boat, some elderly ladies fell into the water. I knew one of them, so rushed down the side to see if I could help. The boat kept moving and the bear was coming to fast. Just as I was sure these women would be eaten, the enormous red creature rushed past them, and came up beside the boat. I looked at him with no sense of fear.

As he rammed the boat again, we became lodged in the narrow channel to the west of the harbour. Stuck, I was sure the bear would have his way but instead he just swam off.

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