Friday, March 11, 2011

Bowden villa

After a party where Kate confessed she wanted to sell Relish to me, I hopped into the back of a van at dawn. Angie drove, and I was a passenger with Dave and a couple other girls he was courting. As we backed into the road, a green honda civic honked and braked hard not hit our rear bumper. Then I saw Leigh up the staircase across the back of the yard.

I jumped out of the van telling Dave to wait for me, and ran lightening speed up the stairs to my sister. She was with her boyfriend Ryan, outside the entrance to the villa.

This was the Bowden villa, on the edge of heaven. I saw my sister hugging my deceased grandfather, my uncle and my father. Other members of the Bowden clan were inside the glass house and my mother lay on the concrete near the entrance. I went to say goodbye to Leigh. For an instant I knew I was very close to my ancestors and as soon as I had the urge to open the door and go inside, I woke up.

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