Friday, March 25, 2011

Plane save and Goose the dog

On an airplane destined to crash, I hunched in my seat in denial.

The pilot died and the passengers gathered at the back of the plane as our nose dove to the earth. I stayed in my seat, trying to ignore everything around me. I could fly the plane you see, I could save everyone but, I didn't want to. Instead I curled in a ball sitting alone by the window and clenched my body so tight.

Brent came to me from the back cabin, where the terrified passengers clustered. They were all aware of their fate but unaware that I could save them. Brent knew. When I looked up at him, I understood what he wanted me to do. I resisted as together we made out way to the cock-pit. "I don't think I can do this."

"Yes you can." Replied Brent calmly.

Slowly, I took control of the plane. I cut the engines and guided us into the night runway lined by hotels. We crashed in slow motion through the side of one of the hotels, a hostess welcomed us as the nose of the plane made its way through the hallways. The wing cut her at the knees as we went by, but she kept smiling.

Brent gave me a pat on the back and I hastily exited the plane.


Down the hall of the hotel, through a door was Judy and Derrick's new cottage. We were putting jackets on to go for a winter hike when I realized I left my luggage on the plane. James was there and he offered me a coat. Opening a closet he said he was starting his own thrift shop.

I got down to tie my shoes, I couldn't stop asking myself why I had saved all the people on the plane. I felt guilty. Then, distracting me, a brown dog came up to me wagging his tail.

"This is Goose." Said James.

I lunged to hug the dog named Goose but he turned like a snake and bit me in arm to wake me from my dream.

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