Thursday, February 3, 2011

Graydon and Hayden

I was at the movies with Adam and we had VIP seats. It was the premier of an art film where many personalities were present, all wearing dark clothing, taking their seats amidst the murmur of quite conversation.

Adam returned with popcorn and that's when I realized we were at the front of the theatre, looking backwards over the audience.

These few VIP seats at the ends of the two ails of the theatre were designed so the viewer could watch the reverse of the film, mirrored at the back of the room. I was excited.

In the front row I noticed Graydon and Hayden and got up to say 'hi!'. They were on a date so I naturally pointed out Adam across the way. I looked at him, wearing all black dress clothes with slicked hair, and I absolutely gushed.

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