Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Raised hands at relish

At a desk in a large class room, I was at relish. There were other students there and the boss was seated in front at the teachers desk. From the vantage point at which I sat my view of her was obstructed and I would desperately lean back or forth to get a glimpse of one side of her body.

New jobs were coming out and there was a list on the blackboard of which were up for grabs. As students we were all eager to get started and so a woman from an agency was brought in to auction them off.

The first on the list was a print job, involving two magazines and a book. I felt I was destined to do this job and so I raised my hand immediately with excitement. Others followed and in seconds it was if the entire class knew the answer, all reaching high and hard.

The agency woman walked up and down the side of the class, talking more about the project and looking back and forth between the students. I felt as if she was reading our minds as resume review but I knew I was the right man for the job so I was confident. By now many minutes later it was obvious she drawing out this process, and my arm became tired. Still holding it up, I looked back while leaning to try and see the teacher on the other side of the pillar. I was thinking maybe if I made eye contact with her I could get the job. Instead I woke up arm raised waiting my turn to answer.

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