Sunday, May 1, 2011

instigate then ignore

In a theatre bigger than I've ever seen, stage right on the balcony my sister and I sat in the audience. The lights went down and we were in New York watching a Broadway production of Rent.

When the overture began, two blonde women who sat beside us kept talking over the instruments. I found it quite disturbing so leaned over said, "Could you take your conversation outside?"

They glared at me, sharp noses in the darkened theatre, then turned to resume their conversation.

I was annoyed, angered really, so I looked for an immediate target for retaliation. Her purse sat on the ground between us so I picked it up and, dropped it off the balcony.

When they wouldn't stop talking I decided to focus on the show, but it turned into dancing with the stars and I woke up.

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