Sunday, May 1, 2011

lock, after lock

Buying groceries with my friend Brent, we head to the checkout while a good song plays.

We're in shorts and feel summer coming. Bobbing our heads a little to the beat, I recognize our cahsier. It's Oprah Winfrey! And I start talking to her immediately. As I held up the line, Brent was embarrassed and he left with out me.

Awestruck drunk with this woman I left the store.


Up the way, at 'New Meenan's Cove', tents were set up, bbq's and fire's were burning. It was a right-good maritime (summer's) eve.


Other campers had discovered the edge of the cove, it was a cliff. When I got there it revealed the cove was part of a giant lock system of controlled waterways.

With others, I emptied our lock. Then lock, after lock after that, to find where it led. Draining the water as we went we were intent on discovery.

By the time we reached the end, the final waters ran away, and a plastic door of gold emerged. A green light lit and then it opened.

One man went first, I stepped up to go second. Adam's mother Judy behind me said, "I'll tell your mother."

I went through.

The tubes were beige and wound me organically until I reached the other-side, my destination.

All it was were chain links, fencing me out of a dirty city harbour.


*from March 29, 2011

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