Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"Why don't you just slide?"

I ate lunch with Gabrielle Arthurs in the basement. Her dad was elected and had moved to Ottawa to a place called Saint-Contradiction, but you had to say it in a french accent. We ate turkey sandwiches.

Later, I was a cat with a furry white tummy and white paws. I walked around on the forest floor but was uncomfortable because I was getting wet.

By the end I was in a playground at night with a few people, my partner was Dawn Saville and we were to analyse the new slide. A ladder leading to the top was tricky, made of thick black rope requiring a lot of upper body strength to climb. Dawn got to the top first, with ease. I on the other hand, kept forgetting things at the bottom and had to make several trips up and down the latter. When I got to the top again, I dropped my phone. Going to climb down, Dawn said to me, "Why don't you just slide?"

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  1. Love this! As if in real life you wouldn't be the more agile one on a slide made of ropes. I feel this expression could be my new adage for life's adversities, conscious or unconscious. -DS