Monday, June 25, 2012

Dream from June 2

At the movies with Michelle, a screening of Sing-along Grease. We're having a good time but are soon interrupted by a man getting fellatio by an older woman directly in front of us. Disappointed, we ask for our money back and leave. 

Later at the house with the dogs, Yvonne, Walter, Sham, Michelle and Leigh play in the cool autumn eve. Walking Syd, he goes for a cat killing a mouse. But the cat is really a bear, deadly and vicious. Somehow Syd and I make it into the house. An entire winter goes by, all unable to leave the house, always the black cat-bear leering. When we escape, the bear was discovered to be a hoax. 

When I finally get home to NB, an old co-worked calls to hang out. I made up an excuse and said good-bye. 

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