Saturday, February 13, 2010

Barfing at OCAD

The day issue two launches I am infiltrated by a 24hr gastric virus that enables me to vomit for the first time ever at my school, OCAD. As soon as I bike in actually, B LINE TO THE HANDI-WASH! Put the papers out, go to union in pain. Union says see doctor, doctor says you sick, take a cab home. Take cab, ask him to pull over several times to puke out the side like a hooded junkie in retrosupersunglasses. Watchout at King and Tecumseth. That was a big one.

The end to a showstopper of a week. Confrontations with friends, collegues, teachers, even the mentally ill including a woman who was eating package after package of equal sugar supplements, like 20, and a old hippie crackhead wearing dark shades and a headset stealing peoples bike lights. When questioned, all he could scream at me was "GET THE MONEY" I of course immediately reference Beyonce.
Thank fuck the virus has passed through and this week is over.

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  1. firstly i'd like to take a quick moment for alexander mcqueen whether or not your approve

    then i'd like to mention just how often i've sat round king and tecumseh within the last few weeks, therefor my butt is bowden soaked

    thirdly ( and this was actually sposed to be second) the "opinions" spread looks so fucking amazing, i shit no one not. it's amazing n' my belly is dumb full