Saturday, February 13, 2010

Where is my mommy?


I am back home, out in the garage, late night, shoveling the driveway. Stevie Brown, who plays Adam Harris, is up at the end of the driveway, shoveling. The snow is still coming down but I want to get rid of some before I come out to shovel again.

A man passes in the night, he is polite and says hello. I start to wipe the snow off a jeep in the driveway when I hear the terrible screams of a woman in horror coming from up the hill. I can also see the sky is starting to get lighter. Dawn is coming.

In a deep, but loud voice I tell Steve/Adam to get down here NOW. He knows I am serious. He throws his shovel in the pile by me, and I follow him up the stairs and into the house, the shrieks of the woman now are at the top of the road. She is in terror and is getting closer. I tell him to get in the house, and to be quiet.

I get in the house, the fireplace is roaring. I lock the door behind me and proceed to start to turn off all the lights in the house. Adam takes off his coat and sits in front of the fire, I am immediately concerned for my mother as I see my father sitting on the couch, catatonic. Where is she? Dad is on the phone, repeating over and over, where are you? Where are you? He's got tears in his eyes. He is now my sister playing my father. She is saying where are you mom, where are you, sitting in her preferred reading corner under the fern, head turning to follow me as I move about, the tears still in her eyes.

I continue to turn off the lights, there are candles lit everywhere for light, and the dawn is slowly breaking in the cold landscape. I race up the stairs, make sure the front door is locked. I start searching for my sister, and her friend Laura. I check her bedroom, nothing, the spare, nothing. Then I find her sleeping in my room. I lift her and carry her downstairs. She is very weak and whimpers nothing but the one question; where is mom?.

I lay her on the couch, my father on the other, my partner on the floor tending the fire, all together for a last stand and all I can think of is that maybe the screaming woman I heard earlier was my missing mother.

Just as I begin to contemplate going back into the snow to find the terror, I wake up.

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