Thursday, February 18, 2010

Flying OCAD on Front street ends in Terror

I was in a square, a downtown square. It was night, I had my camera and I was on my bike. It was a celebration, downtown on Front and Wellington streets, along Simcoe and the waterfront. OCAD was there above us too. There were many people, I was with Martina and others. I had lost Matt. I started looking around for him in the crowd, there were a few fireworks and cheers in the background. Then I noticed him across the crowded street, through the traffic and the hustle. He was with Ola, they were on speed bikes, stopped at the Front of the street looking accross to the celebration. OCAD was floating.

I called but they couldn't hear me.

The traffic slowly moves to reveal an 18-wheeler transport truck carrying automobiles, it pulled up beside my friends on their bikes. As it came into view I notice tucked in amongst the cars it carries are dead and rotting bodies.

I felt fear. I started screaming to Matt and Ola, but they couldn't hear me.

The truck hit the gas and took a sharp turn onto Front street. It cut off my friends and ran them over. The truck sped quickly, the crowd panicked and the carnival atmosphere turned into terror. As it round the square down to the water, it was running people down along the way, I remembered that I had my camera. I jumped the fence and started photographing the dream from there on. Everything in stop motion.

The truck running down the crowd. The truck against the night sky. The truck turning back up towards the city towers. People screaming. The truck crashing into a tower. The tower exploding. I stopped taking pictures when I realized I had to help the injured.

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