Saturday, September 25, 2010


I was at the top of a hill, populated with houses and trees, and I needed to get to the bottom. I had a feeling of urgency and despite the lovely weather, I knew danger was lurking. I was carrying baggage, a rolling suitcase and a full bag on my back. My right arm pinched a plastic laundry basket that carried Craig's cat, Bitty.

Leaving some place, there was a man with me, I pulled out my new iPhone and I ventured down the mountain. Walking the steep and winding paved road, I spoke to my mother as I walked past few people, all intent on packing up and leaving.

I walked past Ryan Kelly, recognized him as a friend I hadn't seen in months but didn't stop. I motioned "sorry" as I continued to speak on the phone, and he looked offended, but I was in a hurry to get out and kept walking down. The man with me continued to follow in silence.

I turned into an alley of a small apartment building on the hill. I stopped to look through some abandoned objects. I placed the laundry basket with Bitty down beside the pile. She looked at me with bright eyes and a worn white coat with black spots. After some time digging with one hand, still talking to my mother on the phone while handing a few things to my silent partner, I got up and turned back down the street.

It wasn't until I got to the bottom of the hill that I realized I had forgotten Bitty. Filled with anxiety, I dropped my bags and ran back up to find her. I was sure she would leave her basket and get lost. The silent man ran after me, but I didn't notice. I felt real fear in loosing her, and not getting out of town in time. Bitty and I were both in danger.

I got back to the main intersection, the sky had turned dark, the wind picked up, a tropical storm was imminent but I kept running. I heard the screech of a breaking car, then the howls of a cat in desperate pain. Lightening and the pound of thunder. But once I turned into the alley, Bitty was still there sitting in her basket, waiting for me.

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