Saturday, September 25, 2010

Roller coasters, subways and a pancake people party ######################

I ended up at an abandoned amusement park at night. I was with other like minded people, some friends. We were there to ride James Gauvreau's roller coaster. This man made a derelict ride into an art experience in which the track carries the user through barriers of reality to turn into animated characters. Through the trip you would stop and see large scale broken line animation, brightly coloured, making surfaces new and alive with motion. All were created by James.

One stop held the train high above the track while an animation about swimming took over a huge barn wall in the distance. The water swirled like a Japanese print and pink dolphins crudely drawn swam and jumped and played. I rode the train with Craig, his mother was beside him. As the train came back down to the track fast, our hips bumped together and I joked to him about my arousal. He said that was okay.

When the ride was over, we all left the park to a late night house party. I left my group and headed for the subway station, where I found James with a tall woman who was crying. I had interrupted them but James introduced me to her anyway. As I hurried past them down to the train he assured me he would see me later at the party.

At the house, many people crowded a small living room that was warmly lit. I sat on the carpeted floor, the party was mostly other artists and hipster folk. All of my friends were to the right. They accumulated on a small couch, one by one. Four or five of them already occupied the space when Craig and his mom sat down, squeezing the others back into the couch. As Sham sad down, the human figures began to pancake. I became embarrassed at this sight, my friends literally sticking together at an after party for the arts. But after a few moments I realized that there were physically too many of them and it couldn't be real so, I woke up.

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