Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Wants to go back...

Back to the land of no silence there is no peace, not even an ounce. Music blares at me from all directions on top of the traffic the people the pissing.

It is still present. Being present.
The presence of the stillness of the scene.

Heat, sun, pack. Computer, camera, sack. Lock it, walk it, Dufferin bus to rocket. Sweaty subway, sunshower (if only I knew) at Kipling, on to Pearson and pretend to be Feist on the moving side walks. Read, write, board the night flight. Take off westerly turn 180 degrees easterly. Beating metropolis, a Canadian Los Angeles. Black past Montreal land a few beyond, land ocean side, land decompress into tropical breeze that smells of fir trees, land what the fuck am I home? Embrace mom and dad, dressed in blue and green summer fad, rad. A brother from another mother in the back, sunshine's his name, robo dog his game. HOLYMOLYMOTHER OF LOVE.

Kennebecasis dip with dad and the dog.
Home to ma, salmon dinner by pa.

Sister comes back, in her new little hatch-back, ed quacks, lou's whack, its Miller Time. No no no, Coors Light. But the bonfires Mine. A witch burning fire no less, stands tall. The brush is dry, ma reminds me. Not used am I to a dry New Brunswick, this summer be fly right sick. But a hurricane is on the way. Brew-crew, then Fatty and J. O'Reilly, the fire bruns sweat, and we expect Earl after mid-lit. A light drizzle sets in after my family goes in. Rainforest no more, only a light buzz pre-Earl and a goodnight to my best man and his lady friend.

Saturday Earl arrives, late but still early, round 6-7am. Torrential rain but watevs. Earl Shmearl, not even a whirl. They needed the rain, where have it been? Summer of sin for the missing kin. Late Saturday afternoon the sunshines no word of a lie. He loves me. Blue sky burns through and friends drive me to across the river blue to see old party spoons. Then into town, Matty's new home, then as Joanna Bryson's date to a fate of late one hates to negate, wedding? Then valley, vitoes and vrrroom home.

Stood up sister at the Barnwood, but then had to get out of bed and roll down (with sunshine) to pick her drunk ass up.

Sunday morning Brother Matthew returns to take me to church on his 1983 Yamaha motorcycle. I fly on his back, helmet in tact, at +100klicks an hour. Up hill, over bend, down valley past Hammond. Trees beneath rivers surround and remember, lean with the round. Nauwigewauk. Darlings Island.

Sunday afternoon Sister Leigh drives to pick up her man friend, an army cadet, this Captain won't forget. Sister and I fight because it felt right, I still have might and she's all talk. Try not to bite! Clue experiments, parents are hilarious. Then ass-hole and I am The President.

Monday sunshine, he's mine. Run, play hide, garden, trees and front side. He's really cute. And just when I think we'ez tired, a good ol' fashioned crab apple fight! Run back run front, 4 trees in production some healthy ones and some runts. I grab a stack. One, Two, Three, aim for dad. Run, keep moving, don't stop. A still target is an easy target. Re-load. Attack sister, one two three. She's down! Get her now!!! And then an ambush on the army brat. Right smack in the back.

Then goodbyes, held back cries, fly fly fly.

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