Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dreams from November 12th

a black pig

Biking in narrow cinder-blocked lanes against pedestrians, my sister follows. Heather walking past in sunglasses with shopping bags, pushes her hand against my sweaty hairy chest. I stop, leaning against the chainlink fence, traffic roaring by. Leigh stops too.  

Eric pulls up in a old brown hatchback, and picks up my sister and I. In the car is Lomez the dog and Ed the cat.

We drive down sunny lakeshore boulevard until the trees become big and reach over the street. At the end of the road, is cabin land. Many large ones built under trees, by water, with people around enjoying a summers day. 

Eric, Leigh and Ed all exit the car. Lomez and I exit last, we're in love. I have him on a leish, and we head up to the door where Gabrielle is standing. She is pregnant again. Following her out the cabin door comes more cats, dogs, and birds. 

A black pig exits and stands at Gabrielle's feet. Lomez wants to meet the pig and I hold back, slowly easing them together. I think the pig will eat Lomez, but they started kissing instead. 


martina's burgers

I slept in on the couch at the 'new beverley' until late. I was couch surfing, and staying there for a bit. I woke up to the sound of a small party happening down the hall in the kitchen and in the backyard. When I sat up, Martina came in to wake me and let me know my friends were coming. She was wearing a pink dress, and kissed me on the cheek when I stood up. 

She was making burgers, and offered me one. I followed her down the brick hall where the house became unfamiliar. I could smell the bbq and people smoking cigars off the leafy and alive side deck. Michelle stood in the door way, and said Brent was on his way. 

Martina came by and offered for us to sit on the roof to eat, said she was cool with people bringing their posses over as well. Then she went to flip the burgers, saying hi to her other friends as she went. 


laundry room living room

Leigh and I were living at our parents place, and she came home late that night from a party. She was living in the laundry room but came out to make some stove top stuffing. She filled a white plastic bowl, full to the brim packed perfectly, and then offered me some. I said no thanks, and she went to sleep in the dryer. 

I was living in the living room at the front of the house. Tidying up, I discovered traces of bed bugs, and rapidly began to bring all the bedding and cushions out to the front deck. It wasn't cold enough, but it was wet and dark. Triggered by the anxiety of the bugs I realised my parents were dead, which was why Leigh and I lived in that house, and I woke up. 

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