Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dreams from November 17th

A friend recommended that I travel to the north pole, I jumped up and flew there right away. I got to greenland, on a sole patch of bare rock in the whole icy plane. I landed, giant blue wales were beneath it, moving the land. The ice moved with the wales and I rode them to australia in minutes. 


The weather was patchy, the water moving downhill from heavy rain miles away, but when I got home I immersed myself in the familiar waters. I waded past my sister and I as children, playing knee deep between the buoys. I submerged myself and swam into the deep waters of the lagoon.

The water stirred, and a current started to push me away from shore. I swam into it, back to where I had come from. The leaves and flowers moving along the waters surface went by, and I noticed some were smoking. 

I looked up to the forest behind our cottage home, and saw it was on fire. 

Calmly, I touched down and walked through the water up towards my parents and sister, unsuspecting and seated on the dock. Fire was coming up through the trees, my father's head and my mothers face were on fire, but they didn't know until I told them. 

I commanded my parents get in the water right away, that I would go into the house and retrieve the irreplaceable. My father insisted he come with me, but I refused, and made Leigh tend to them in the water. 

Up at the cottage, I locked the door behind me as I entered thinking my burning father would follow me. The smoke was coming in, the fire would soon be there. I methodically went level by level, first to my fathers wallet, then mine. My mothers purse, my sister's computer. 

By then Molly had come in to help me, I checked one more hidden nook in my fathers room, where i found $200 in cash. 

As we exited the burning cottage I thought "We have no philosophy in place for a crisis." 

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