Monday, May 14, 2012

Dream from May 11

Beyoncé and I had reconciled after much time apart. She was back in Toronto with her mother, I was introduced on the street. "Nice to meet you Mrs. Knowles." I said eagerly. "How does it feel to be back in town?"

We walked down Queens Quay in the haze of an early summer evening, Beyoncé had new shoes to work in. 

"Are you the only one for her?" Beyoncé's mother asked me.
"I don't think she's anyone's, except maybe Jay's." I replied. 

Stunned by the CN Tower floating in the lake across from us, I stopped for a moment to look up almost falling backwards, then ran to catch up women.

At another corner, three others dressed oddly with neon lights in their shoes and jackets watched us approach. We knew they were going to judge us, and we were going to judge them. I stood up straight, Mrs. Knowles and I walked by. One of the oddly dressed people mentioned I would enjoy the wine I had, which I forgot was in the brown paper bag I was carrying. 

We turned the corner and realized Beyoncé was lagging behind. 

Going back, we saw her sitting on the sidewalk, she had taken off her heels.
"My feet hurt." She said. Mrs. Knowles gave her one stern look and Beyoncé quickly put the shoes on.

We turned back to the hotel, and I talked her up, reminding her of all her amazing performances in such great high heels. 

"...and Single Ladies. I remember exactly where I was the first time I saw that video. Your legs hypnotized me, and my god, those heels!" I exclaimed. "I wish I could wear those heels!!"


Later, in my hotel room I was talking with E.J. about how much I missed my friends. I asked him why the ones I missed so much had to live so far away. I floated above Canada as story time ensued. I began to tell the boss I respected about the best friends I rarely saw, living on either side of the country. Brent and Matt. 

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