Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dream from May 30

The controlled demolition of 7 Walmer turned into a nightmare. Many of the spectators too close, lost life and limb to the falling bricks. 

Safely from above, my family and I watch the old brown building succumb to explosions and a hollowed out garage. The crowd that came to watch were now in danger. Some we killed by the falling bricks and glass, many were injured. A man lost his leg, another man screamed to put pressure on the victims neck to make the bleeding stop. I knew that was wrong, but was removed from the situation and felt no urge to correct him. 

Days later, bricks were brought into our house that floated in the clouds. Outside my bedroom many were slanted and stacked vertically into very narrow steps up the wall and through the ceiling. I decided to re-stack them of fear they would fall on me like they did the spectators below. 

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